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Designer machinery to Guangdong Province precision extruding and molding plastics equipment engineering technology research center and Shantou Enterprise Technology Center for technical support, has a professional mechanical design, electrical design, mold, R & D team. The company all kinds of technology which R & D personnel 68 people, personnel of intermediate title above 23 people. Technology Center under the mechanical, electrical, mold 3 R & D group, staff average age of 35,more than 80% have a college degree or above, have more than 5 years working experience in machinery manufacturing enterprises, has excellent performance in their respective areas of expertise. Company adhere to the independent research and development at the same time, strengthen the cooperation between college and the Sichuan University, the Northeastern University, and now, the Xi'an Jiao Tong University and Shantou University to establish a cooperative relationship. Cooperative development company R & D personnel view, greatly enhancing the company's core technology in independent development ability, make company product technology content, quality are greatly improved.All kinds of plastic machinery production capacity of more than 240 sets .



Company's existing such as America Haas boring and milling machining center and other types of processing machinery, a total of 28 sets, can process accurately the required parts, meet the requirements of production. Equipped with GF Machining Solutions GF of Switzerland Swiss Archie Chamfer, 400 CUT Sp plane coordinate grinding line cutting machine. Equipped with The Swiss company HAUSER S50LCNC grinder.






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